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December 3, 2010

Bringing Glamour to the Masses – This Holiday Season & Always

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November 16, 2010

A New Twist on the Season’s Greetings Tradition from

Tired of the same cookie-cutter greeting cards? Looking for new gift ideas? This holiday season check out the new generation of highly personalized greeting card design launched by PhotoHand! There are no two cards alike – PhotoHand takes your favorite photo and integrates it with a unique graphic design to create a montage. As an option, have your child’s photo combined with the photo of her drawing as the background.

Orders can be placed online and this will cost you only $11.95 while you get a very special keepsake unlike the mundane prefabricated options offered by other companies. PhotoHand can also facilitate printing at a reasonable cost for you if you don’t have a favorite printer.

PhotoHand photo card offering extends to personal events, like birthdays, bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, baby showers… You can order a creative collage of several photos at $5.95 per image. Such gifts are fun, original and as personable as they get.

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May 18, 2009

Shooting for the Book

The wedding season hits in June and we at PhotoHand expect a rise in custom photo books design orders. Most of our clients have been in the wedding photography business for a while but there are a lot of talented young beginners who have been asking us to give them some tips on how to be prepared so that they are in the right place at the right moment and shoot enough material for a lively photo story.

We looked at the weddings albums that we have created so far and came up with this cheat sheet. A bride can also use this list when giving directions to her photographer.

A spread from a wedding book designed and photo retouched by PhotoHand prosfessionals.

A spread from a wedding book designed and photo retouched by PhotoHand prosfessionals.

A wedding is a celebration of a tradition and traditions by their nature adhere to certain scripts. Below are the points general to any wedding but if the wedding is to include some ethnic traditions or special family customs, that photographer must be notified of all such details beforehand so that he or she is able to capture every key moment.

Behind the Scene
The dress on a hanger
close-ups of any remarkable details on the dress
Accessories: flowers, shoes, jewelry, the rings
The bride getting ready (makeup, hair, jewelry, dress,shoes)
Family and bridesmaids assisting the bride
Others getting ready
Portrait of the bride
The groom getting ready (adjusting the ties tie or cuff links)
Portrait of the groom
Waiting for the Ceremony
The wide-angle view of the location
The groom waiting for the bride
The groom, the best man and the officiator
The ring bearer and flower girl
General view of the seated guests
Arrival of the bride

The Ceremony
The best man and maid of honor coming down the aisle
Each groomsman and bridesmaid coming down the aisle
The bride coming down the aisle
Wide-angle view of the ceremony
The vow and ring exchange
Signing of the marriage license
The kiss
The bride and groom coming down the aisle
Any special musician, singer, speaker, etc.

Formal Photos
Hands with the wedding bands
Formal group photos
Romantic bride and groom photos

The Reception
Details: centerpieces, the cake, decor
The wedding party entering the reception
Cutting of the cake
The first dance
Dances with parents
Bouquet toss
Garter removal
Guests at each table
Dancing guests

Final Scene
The newlyweds waiving or walking away
Departing Limo

That’s it! Have a great shoot!
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September 12, 2008

Naturally Photogenic

by Heather Joy Roth

7 in 10 women and 3 in 10 men avoid having their picture taken according to the research published by Samsung Cameras in June, 2008. It seems everyone is afraid of how they look in photographs. Some people seem to be born with the gift of being photogenic, but all it takes are some simple tricks of the trade. Anybody can hide flaws, appear slimmer and look naturally radiant when they learn to work with the camera. Try out these tips to look your best in photos –

To Hide A Double Chin

Position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level.  This will hide a double chin effectively. You can also rest your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Tilting the head slightly back also makes a nose appear slimmer while reducing double chins. Practice different poses in the mirror until you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t Say “Cheese”

Many people end up looking awkward because they freeze into expressions with “say cheese”. Take a breath in and relax. Don’t hold your breath, as you will look tense. Photographs that capture people in natural, relaxed and spontaneous poses are far more visually impacting than a frozen smile.

Happy Thoughts

When posing for a photograph, think of a funny moment that will make you laugh or smile.  A forced smile looks unrealistic, and a big grin that is posed runs the risk of looking fake.

For Women

If you know you will be photographed, wear colors that complement your hair color and skin tone. Blondes should wear lavender and soft blue, Brunettes shine in camel, gold and dark brown and Redheads look good in peach, golden yellow and golden brown. Do not wear heavy makeup, just enhance natural beauty and make sure to powder the T-Zone (the top of the nose and forehead) as oiliness will show up in pictures.

Posing Techniques

Look slightly above the camera when the picture is taken.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis always applied this technique for photographs. It helps reduce the “red eye” effect.

For a full-length shot, position your body 45 degrees from the camera, then turn your head towards the camera. Stand with one foot crossed in front of the other and put weight on your back leg. This pose is very slimming . Paris Hilton and many top celebrities pose like this to look super slim. Stand up straight. Having a good posture will visually shed ten pounds off your body. Ladies, Stand with your hand on hip, twisting your torso towards the camera lens, this accentuates a slim waist.

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