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October 2, 2015

Boudoir Photography Trend Is Spreading to Orthodox Communities

“I don’t care what religion you are — if you don’t keep your husband excited, someone else will,” says a boudoir photography customer who is a member of a Jewish Orthodox community in Brooklyn, NY.


The recent article in NY Post shows that the trend among brides, wives, moms and grannies to pose for sexy photos is spreading to communities with restricted life style. the photographer interviewed for the article claims that boudoir bookings for the Hasidic community in Flatbush, Brooklyn, now account for 35 percent of her overall business — she currently juggles around 40 such shoots a year. Her packages, which cost around $1,000, appeal to women between their 20s and their 50s, mostly married, but some single.

The boudoir photography trend started long ago. Instead of whining about how unfair it is to picture sexy flawless model in glossy magazines, women of all ages are determined to show that they’ve got it too, but only show it to their partners and probably to some trusted female friends. Boudoir photo books (a popular gift on Valentine’s day)  are usually locked away.

With the help of a skilled photographer and magazine quality photo editing now available to consumers, she will shine in her natural beauty.

source: NYPost, October1, 2015 - These Orthodox Jewish women are stripping for the camera