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August 29, 2012

A Popular Post-Wedding Photography Trend Turns Fatal

A post-wedding photo trend called “trash the dress” that gained popularity in 2008 turned lethal for a recently-wed woman near Montreal. Beaches, ponds and rivers are popular locations for “trash the dress” photo shoots helping to produce interesting scenic images.

Several mass “trash the dress” events took place in 2011, including one that featured hundreds of newly-wed women wearing their wedding gowns at a Netherlands beach. Somehow, till yesterday no one has ever imagined that this fun tradition could be dangerous though a soaked wedding dress can easily weigh 100 pounds.

Bride drowns while modelling wedding gown near Rawdon | Montreal.

February 13, 2009

Perfect Memories of a Perfect Day

PhotoHand Wedding Photo Retouching & Photo DesignThe Wedding Day! You spend months and thousands of dollars planning it: choosing the perfect theme and colors, the perfect wedding dress and shoes, the perfect venue, the perfect menu… the list goes on, not mentioning the preselected perfect groom who must at least look perfect for the day. His best men are the lost cause and you just hope for the best.

With all the gargantuan efforts that you put into this production that will fly by like one moment, what do you still have years after? I photohand-wedding-photo-retouching-moderate-level-fix-clothes-blogvmean besides your husband?

You have your great memories of that perfect day and your photos. Especially today, when wedding photography has gone journalistic style and you can relive that perfect day in all its excitement. That, of course, if the photos turn out well.

This rarely happens and you can’t always blame your wedding photographer because things like unfavorable angle shots, smudged makeup, bunched up clothing, squinting eyes, ominous shadows, glare on eyeglasses can and do occur.

PhotoHand Wedding Photo Retouching & Photo DesignThe truth is that all photos need some correction. And luckily these days photo retouching is quite affordable. For example, PhotoHand offers such services at $3.50 for complete cosmetic retouching that includes fixing your hair and makeup, removing the appearance of any skin imperfections or double chins, or wipe the perspiration off the groom’s forehead. For a little bit extra we’ll slim you down, adjust your wedding dress or “open” squinting eyes. At $11.95, we’ll remove any annoying objects or your sister’s ex-boyfriend from the picture.

We’ll keep your memories of that day perfect. After all, this is how you remember it.
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