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April 17, 2008

The Art of Pregnancy Photography

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“Never before has the demand for images of women who are pregnant been greater.” – Jennifer George, Photographer, Author

Let’s admit many of us in the PhotoHand office were quite puzzled when we started receiving orders to design pregnancy/maternity albums. I think we did a good job though. On the right is a sample of how we glamorized the pregnancy moment for a couple through photo retouching techniques.

And today I came across a press release announcing the launch of a book titled The Art of Pregnancy Photography.

In this book, author Jennifer George explores maternity photography from a conceptual and artistic point of view. Readers are encouraged to select a meaningful location for the session, what props and fabrics enhance the images, how to pose the subject, the composition of the portrait, the use of light and digital imaging, and the importance of the relationship that is forged with the client.

The Art of Pregnancy PhotographyPhotographers looking for a new genre to increase their studio’s revenue would be wise to consider adding maternity to their studio’s repertoire. “Never before has the demand for images of women who are pregnant been greater”. Magazines are filled with photos of celebrities proudly showing off their pregnant figures, and women everywhere want to document their beauty during pregnancy. Also, the digital revolution has made capturing beautiful, painterly images easier and less time consuming than ever before. The subject’s skin tone and texture can be easily digitally enhanced, and special software programs can be used to impart a wide variety of polished, classic, artistic effects.”

“Working with pregnant women to create beautiful portraits is indubitably satisfying, but it has its financial merits, too. The relationship you form with your client during her pregnancy can, and should, lead to a lifelong client relationship (you can photograph her growing family) and many referrals.”

The book can be purchased online >>

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