About PhotoHand.com

This blog is maintained by the team of PhotoHand designers as we needed some means of communication with our customers. Here we can answer most frequently asked questions and publish the information that you told us should be of interest to all of our customers. If there’s anything you would want us to write about, email contact <at> photohand.com and we will gladly research the subject and publish the info.

If you don’t know us yet…

PhotoHand™ makes you look your best!
Looking good is not important, it’s everything! At least it must be to two thirds of women, as the Hewlett Packard survey showed, who are “deeply embarrassed” by many of their photos. The same research shows that if you are a man under 35, you are probably happy with every photo of yourself, including the ones that should appear embarrassing.

Why women hate their photos? Because we want our photos to present us the way we’d like to be and they usually don’t. We want our true self to be captured in a flattering light, from a favorable angle and preferably by someone like Nigel Barker. This doesn’t happen often and this is why we delete our photos before anyone had a chance to see them and plead with our friends to remove our photos from their Facebook galleries. Even those women who are majorly satisfied with their reflection in the mirror can develop photophobia.

Professional models are never happy with their photos till they have been edited. PhotoHand artists know this because we work with models. And, we offer the same kind of photo-rescue service to everyone.

On offer there are also custom-designed photo cards and photo books from your photo material. With professional photo retouching, skillful cropping, art effect application, incorporation of the wedding song lyrics or your children’s drawings, your book becomes an outstanding memorable piece.
So, don’t destroy those vacation shots yet and let PhotoHand remove your picture flaws so that your true self can shine!

And, if you own a business…
We’ll retouch your product photos to make them more attractive to customers, design your marketing materials, corporate insignia, website graphics, online banners, corporate books – all at very affordable rates.

For the list of our services and fees, please consult Our Fees page. Place your order online or email us for prompt, professional and reliable service.

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