Modelocity Magazine Gives PhotoHand Thumbs Up

Modelocity magazine that features upcoming modeling talent and provides practical advice to those who are making first steps in their modeling careers, gives thumbs up to as an invaluable resource for Madison-Avenue quality yet most affordable photo retouching and comp card design that will get you noticed.

In the modeling business where competition is brutal, Modelocity Magazine lets you get your feet wet by giving you your first exposure and providing you with how-to advice on your way to becoming the next America’s top model.

When receiving portfolio submission for tearsheets, Modelocity editors started worrying that many images were in dire need of improvement – smudged makeup, flyaway hairs crossing your eyes, flash glare, dark undereye circles… any imperfections could be easily be removed. Of course, this should be done by professionals who will not make your face look flat and ensure that the traces of corrections do not pop up in printing.

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Now, the common perception is that such retouching services are costly and out of reach for starting-out models. This is how Modelocity discovered that charges only $3.50 per photo for complete cosmetic retouching or $19.95 for comp card design plus retouching of all photos included in the card. A tastefully designed comp card makes the photos look more glamorous adding to the professional image of the model; and comp cards designed by PhotoHand do make you stand out.

Says Modelocity: “Thank goodness no more confusing per work hour estimates. Some places confuse you with terminology that does not make sense to the normal human ear…  We like that PhotoHand has worked with models at the beginning of their careers and knows exactly what they need and have no problem wiping the question marks off the faces of those just starting out in the industry.”

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