I Saw the Future of Contemporary Photography

photography-show-photo-festivalYes, I did and it looked great. That was last spring. And this year a bunch of us from the PhotoHand team – those residing in New York – will see it too. We’ll be hanging out at the New York Photo Festival to see what’s new in the Art of Photography for inspiration and to pick up a few tricks that we could use for art effects in our photo design work.

If you like Photography and if you are in the NYC area, I would recommend you to see the exhibits. If you are a Photographer, I would attend the seminars too. Below is the official announcement describing the event. You can get more info by clicking on the event title. The event calendar hasn’t been published of this date.

THE NEW YORK PHOTO FESTIVAL – 2nd Edition, May 13-17, 2009
Event Calendar>>

Following up on its successful debut in May 2008, the New York Photo Festival is pleased to announce the exhibition dates for 2009 and its Festival Curators. The inaugural event in May 2008 was a surprise hit, and it delivered on the promise of presenting the “future of contemporary photography” through the efforts of world-class curators and the selected artists. The NYPH’08 Festival Curators—Kathy Ryan, Martin Parr, Lesley A. Martin, and Tim Barber—created four stunning exhibitions focusing on the ubiquity of images in digital and daily life, sculptural tendencies in contemporary photography, ground-breaking paths in formal photographic documentation and representation, and a formal yet whimsical approach to the democratic presentation of artistic representation. The New York Photo Festival’s debut run in 2008 answered critics’ lament that the world’s capital of photography could never compile a festival of its own. It also affirmatively resolved the quandary of whether contemporary photography could ever stand on its own, apart and distinct from its historical antecedents of greatest hits and exotic depiction.

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