‘Tis the Headshot Season

Headshots on Actor's Gallery Page

MyActingSite.com: Headshots on Actor's Gallery Page

An actor needs at least two headshot photos – one for commercials and one for for film and theater. The commercial image has to be very natural and relatable. When we retouch such images we make sure they have the “everyday look”. Such images will get you a part in a commercial but will not help you stand out when considered for a role in a movie. To make your image really pop, we apply cinematic effects to infuse a dose of magnetism in them. (The fee for both types of retouching stays the same – $3.50 per shot.)

When applying for a role you submit the headshot that is appropriate for the situation, but your contact information should include your web page that gives the full impression of your range.

Headshot Gallery

MyActingSite.com: Headshot Gallery

Online casting is still in its infant stages, and casting agents will hardly search the web to find you today. But the web address on your submitted headshot will lead them to your extended virtual resume showing them the full range of your talent through dozens of headshots and still shots from film and theater shows. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and then you can post your video clips…

Setting up your website is easy. There are online services for that as easy to use as an email application. Take MyActingSite.com. They let you use your own web address like YourName.com. You can post as many photos as you want and they will be well presented to a casting person in a thumbnail and enlarged clickable gallery view. We usually recommend this service to our clients and actor friends because it gives a good presentation of our retouching work and includes the mass emailing application that lets actors invite all the friends and fans to their shows at once. And we do like being invited 🙂

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